Exclusive listings can sometimes feel elusive. Building relationships with sellers can take time and at moments in many a real estate agent’s career, it may seem like getting exclusive listings just isn’t in the cards. Not only is it possible, we at Feeder want to support you as you excel at acquiring this skill and more. To do that, we wanted to share some thoughts on exclusive listings and why they are so advantageous for you to obtain.

Without a doubt, exclusive listings give the listing agent the greatest flexibility and the most amount of power in real estate transactions in New York City. You’re able to decide when to show the property, how to present offers to the seller and in some cases, if you would like to co-broke with another agent or not. Signing a real estate client to exclusively list their property gives the agent an established timeframe in which to sell the property. If you aren’t able to close during that time, your client would have the option to renew their contract with you, or move on to another agent. Once you have an exclusive listing, it is in everyone’s best interest to sell the property as quickly as possible.

For this reason, we at Feeder think that co-brokering an exclusive listing is the best option. When agents are members of REBNY, it is expected that they will co-broker a deal even if they have an exclusive listing. It is very rare for an agent to decline to co-broker a deal since time is of the essence to close the deal. When you encounter an agent who does not want to co-broke a deal, we encourage you to consult with the brokers at your firm, who will be able to offer tailored guidance to you depending on the nuances of the deal.

At Feeder, we pride ourselves on being an asset to each of our agents, offering guidance and advice to assist in closings and help you to become the best agent you can be. We are able to offer one on one mentoring for each agent at our firm and help every step of the way. Learning how to cultivate exclusive listings is one of the many training programs that we provide and we are delighted to see our agents excel in this area.

If you are interested in learning more, we would love to hear from you! We think Feeder agents are the friendliest around and would be delighted to be part of your real estate journey.

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