Over the last 8 years Kathleen Black has made a name as one of North America’s most elite real estate coaches, working with the top real estate companies to shift the mindset towards success.

In August of 2016, she teamed up with Feeder in Manhattan for the Elite Business Builder Coaching Series, a set of 17 sessions where agents gather and learn precious information on the proper business mindset, sales values and techniques.

Feeder is a startup that’s been around for 10 months, but Ms. Black saw potential in Feeder that was reminiscent of the top successful firms all over North America that are her clients. Feeder’s attitude and infrastructure is built for increasing their success, a trait that is clear to those who are experienced in real estate. This is why Ms. Black agreeing to coach the agents at the start-up is confirmation to the fact that the firm is set for big things.

What Feeder is doing is unprecedented. As a startup, the company has managed to put together a successful coaching series with several speakers, such as social media expert Nadia Ghazal, listings expert Jeffrey Mark, Judy Sahagian of Judy Networks, and finally to Ms. Black herself. Topics range from lead generation, marketing, sales, social media, networking and self-improvement. The information and the hands on experience Feeder agents get out of the program can be duplicated many times to grow their business, and that’s the goal envisioned by managing director Reale Rose.

By supplying the agents with information that can be specifically applied, Feeder is preparing agents to be elite and top brokers, and Kathleen Black was quick to participate in Feeder’s journey to changing the real estate industry. Feeder is growing, and will continue to grow towards success. As announced on Ms.Black’s Facebook page, “The expansion of the Elite Business Builder Training Series into NYC & Feeder Real Estate was shared by 260 media outlets including FOX, ABC, CBS, NewCentre, Boston Globe, LA Daily News and has now been featured in 5 countries!”

They are just getting started.

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