This article was written by our 2016 Summer Interns, Mars Burgos and Andres Luna.

“As college students, summer employment is an essential aspect of developing in adulthood. That being said, Feeder provided us with a paid opportunity to nurture our knowledge in real estate and spread the word about a company that focuses on the client first, all while helping us bulk up our resumes with a marketing campaign.

The Interview

Feeder helped boost our knowledge of the real estate market starting from our job interviews. First, they asked us what we already knew about real estate. There was no pressure and no strings attached. Anything we didn’t know we were taught right then and there, (and there was plenty we didn’t know). We learned about the most basic information when it came to buying a house, renting an apartment, and the requirements for achieving a successful real estate career. The team explained about the importance of guiding individuals and families towards comprehensive real estate in NYC – and that’s what Feeder’s mission statement is all about. It’s a real estate brokerage with a human touch.


After having received the good news that Feeder had hired us, it was time for our training. Training required that we travel throughout the city and find ideal spots for targeted consumers to canvass when the campaign started, as well as consulting the Feeder team regarding real estate questions we may have had. It gave us brand new perspectives and experiences of the city. Even as New Yorkers, we were able to encounter places we’d never been to before. Back at the office we continued to learn even more real estate information as well as marketing tactics such as eye contact, strategic phrasing, offering free water and using social media as a tool. Role playing exercises turned out to be a big help for when the campaign began.


Once the campaign officially started we were eager to dive into our spots and apply all that we learned to hundreds of potential clients. We marched out on our first day and interacted with a surprising amount of individuals interested in the guidance that Feeder provides while searching for that ideal home. At the mention of how possible it is to understand the real estate process and the unique perks offered (such as the free one-on-one consultation and no-fee apartments), people would suddenly realize the opportunity they had at hand. As for the individuals interested in career options, we attracted numerous real estate agents that were both licensed or in training. They were intrigued by our number of options on commission splits as well as our focus on training and support so that they can eventually become brokers. Another surprise we found was that New Yorkers can actually be polite and smile!

So far, so good!

Our experience so far here at Feeder has been a fulfilling and learning one. It’s always beneficial to have a summer job, but our experience has been beyond that. It has been something that will follow us into our futures. When we’re ready to buy a home, we’ll know what to do and where to go.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for Mars and Andres in your neighborhood for the Summer 2016 Campaign!

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